Saneholtz-McKarns enhances payment card processing and security at its Valero-branded stores

Midwest convenience store and fuels retailer deploys the Valero Processor Connections Service from Acumera to improve payment card processing stability, increase security, and lower its operating costs

AUSTIN, Texas (7/12/17) – Acumera – one of the leading providers of managed network security and automation services for the payment systems and operations of multi-site businesses – announced today that Saneholtz-McKarns, Inc. has confirmed its transition to Acumera’s Valero Processor Connections Service for their Main Stop stores and dealer locations.

Acumera’s Valero Processor Connections Service combines managed firewall services with transaction processing and comprehensive network monitoring and management services. This unique offering offsets the cost of network security with the ability to monitor locations, which, in turn, allows retailers to fix issues before they adversely impact customers or store revenue.

Jeff Erb, General Manager at Saneholtz-McKarns, confirmed it was an easy decision. “The Valero Processor Connections Service was an approved program from Valero, and was less expensive than our previous solution for transaction processing.”

“Now that it is deployed,” Erb said, “we’re getting more value than in the past because the company can now see connectivity uptime, device availability, and the number of transactions processed – all made visible through the AcuVigil™ Dashboard.”

Erb described the ease of the implementation process. “The deployment was straightforward and fast. Our staff simply installed a Merchant Gateway at each store, and then we just called the Valero support team to finish the remote configuration.”

Beyond enjoying Point-of-Sale (POS) security with their payment transaction processing and monitoring, Valero-branded partners also have the option of enhancing and protecting store operations in a variety of other ways.

Nick Franco, Sr. Sales Director for Acumera explained, “Fuel retailers and wholesalers can also add automated fuel inventory monitoring with the Valero Fuel Connections Service.”

This service option displays real-time inventory and status data from a store’s Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) system, as well as providing critical alerts and notifications. This information is also made visible and actionable within the web-based AcuVigil Dashboard.

Franco added, “Through the Valero C-Store Connections Service, retailers can also leverage the versatility of the Merchant Gateway installed in each of their stores to secure and monitor any of their other Ethernet-based devices and systems, such as back-office PCs, kiosks, ATMs, networked video displays, security DVRs, etc. Therefore, this multi-option program allows Valero-branded partners to choose exactly what services are right for their needs.”

About Saneholtz-McKarns, Inc.

Saneholtz-McKarns, a Valero-branded partner, serves the communities of northwest Ohio and southern Michigan with their network of Main Stop convenience stores and gas stations. For more information, please go to

About Acumera

Acumera provides managed network security and automation services for the payment systems and operations of multi-site businesses. Our clients focus on growing their companies by using Acumera’s remote systems visibility, strong data security, and simplified compliance services. Since 2002, Acumera has been our clients’ trusted network partner.

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