Now common practice within IT infrastructure, virtualization is used to create a virtual version of something, whether it is an operating system, a server, a storage device, or another network resource.

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Benefits of Virtualization

In Acumera’s approach to an edge computing solution, virtualization introduces significant agility into the system by allowing multiple environments, often including different operating systems, to be deployed on a single physical piece of hardware. It also provides separation between hardware and software by allowing applications and the operating environments that support them to function with much greater control and portability.

Acumera’s Reliant Platform leverages virtualization two major ways to manage the in-store infrastructure and applications. First, by utilizing a type 1 hypervisor, we can support multiple virtual machines with different operating systems concurrently. Second, by using containerization, which is a form or operating system virtualization, Acumera’s Reliant Platform installs all the key resources required to support an application are provisioned to each application container.

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Our Unique Edge Solution

Acumera’s Reliant Platform is a hardware- and cloud-agnostic, API-capable solution that empowers multi-site businesses to manage applications, networks, and security controls at scale without adding complexity or taxing IT teams.

75% faster in-field recovery and 96x faster mean time to

Our Unique Edge Solution


Manage Distributed Deployment,
not Micro Development

Acumera’s Reliant Platform was built with the DevOps process at the forefront, allowing teams to detach themselves from consistent “in-the-weeds” development tasks and focus on agile deployment to hundreds or thousands of locations.

In fact, users spend approximately 75% less time managing and maintaining applications and reported 46x more code deployments — both direct measures of an organization’s ability to respond in a fast-changing business environment.

In addition to our next-generation, API-capable centralized platform, we provide implementation and consulting services around applications, payments, PCI security, IoT applications, interactive technologies, POS, mobile, and converged and cloud.


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