Acumera Acquires Netsurion Secure Edge Networking

Network Security Management for Healthcare

Security • Visibility • Compliance

Network Security Management for Healthcare

Acumera’s managed network security solutions protect healthcare organizations and their patients’ data.

Acumera removes the complexity of network management and protects against data breaches such as ransomware attacks. We provide you security and compliance, network visibility and management, and an edge computing platform to effectively manage and secure your healthcare organization.

Security and Compliance

Acumera’s advanced firewall secures and segments networks, safeguards sensitive data and Protected Health Information (PHI), and shields Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Door monitoring

Provides visibility of the open/close state of doors to prevent spoilage/inventory loss

Temperature monitoring

Gives visibility and historical data to protect inventory, maximize efficiencies and manage daily reports

Endpoint detection and response

Uses a logging agent to record endpoint-level behaviors, detect suspicious activity and provide remediation suggestions to restore affected systems

Intrusion detection system (IDS)

Provides intrusion detection by traffic anomaly and behavioral analyses, plus deep packet inspection utilizing threat intelligence from numerous sources that supports compliance and security requirements

Least privilege network access

Eliminates visibility across network segments and reduces access to non-business-related resources

Network Visibility and Management

Acumera’s AcuVigil™ Dashboard provides visibility of network devices in a single dashboard to quickly identify issues and keep your sites operating.

Device registration

Enables the security management of all client devices on your network

Edge Computing Platform

Acumera’s secure, containerized edge computing workloads support IoT devices, business management software and more.

Fiserv connection service

Supports BuyPass, Rapid Connect, and certain legacy POS systems via serial connections and uses PCI compliant technologies to securely transmit transaction data to Fiserv authorization servers

Heartland connection service

Uses secure technologies to transmit transaction data to Heartland authorization servers

Worldpay connection service

Uses secure technologies to transmit transaction data to Worldpay authorization servers