Acumera and Zipline launch app to deliver secure transactions without credit card fees

ZipLine Decoupled Debit with Acumera Apps for Your Network™ Services reduces costs and offers Payment Card Industry-class security

Acumera – the leader in Trusted Connection Services for retail organizations – and ZipLine, a leading provider of mobile- and card-based decoupled debit (ACH) payment solutions, today announced the launch of the ZipLine Connection App.

As a part of Acumera’s fast-growing suite of Apps for Your Network™ services, the new app runs on Acumera’s Merchant Gateway platform. Acumera customers can now benefit by offering ZipLine payment and loyalty services to their consumers, with no additional hardware investment at their sites.

ZipLine customers can now utilize Acumera’s Merchant Gateway to connect to the ZipLine platform to experience fast transaction performance and remotely monitor those transactions, as well as other performance and alerts, through Acumera’s AcuVigil™ dashboard. ZipLine customers will also have the ability to easily upgrade to the full suite of Acumera’s Trusted Connection Services.

Austin, Texas-based MTG Management is already enjoying these benefits as a customer of both Acumera and ZipLine.

“Combining ZipLine services, which drive traffic and reduce our transaction costs, with the Acumera service that provides network security and visibility, is a powerful combination for our C-Store business,” said Guy Oliver, president of MTG Management. “We’re saving money and gaining better insight into our operations.”

As a part of the strategic partnership, both companies are introducing the ZipLine Connection App to their respective customers.

“Acumera is well known for its expertise and reliability in connectivity services, and for providing merchants real-time operational data that can be key to management,” said Stephen Goodrich, ZipLine CEO and president. “As we utilize the Acumera platform, our customers will have new tools for improved remote support and visibility.”

“We are pleased to add the ZipLine Connection App to our growing list of apps,” added Acumera CEO Dirk Heinen. “We’ve combined our experience in apps and PCI compliant managed network services with ZipLine’s groundbreaking payment and loyalty programs to create a truly superior solution for convenience stores. Not only do store owners grow sales with the ZipLine app, they also gain access to actionable data that will equip them to better manage their operations.”

The ZipLine Connection App is a part of a suite of apps available through Acumera’s Apps for Your Network™ platform, which provides a remotely upgradeable system for securely connecting devices and information to the Internet of Things.

About Acumera

Founded in 2002, Acumera provides Trusted Connection Services to multi-site merchants, specializing in the reduction of headaches caused by network management and security issues. Customers are free to focus on running their businesses because Acumera actively manages their networks and provides unparalleled visibility and remote management capability. Acumera gets customers’ stores, network clients and devices securely connected and keeps them connected. In addition to network status, merchants have real-time insight into key operational measures, such as fuel inventory levels and environmental and food safety temperatures. As a result, Acumera customers say they love their network.

About ZipLine

ZipLine, formerly National Payment Card Association (NPCA), pioneered decoupled debit and developed and manages some of the most successful decoupled debit programs in use today. The company’s mission is to provide low-cost, merchant friendly, data rich, secure payment solutions and services that deliver compelling value to merchants and consumers. For further information about ZipLine, visit the company’s website

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