One of the core elements of Acumera’s Reliant Platform technology stack is the use of containers. These are discrete levels of application logic provisioned only with the minimum required components (libraries, configuration files, application binaries) necessary to perform their function within the application. Containers are lightweight, easily packaged, and offer a seamless way to manage and control the variety of microservices that represent the foundation of the Acumera’s Reliant Platform application delivery.

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Benefits of Containerization

  • Separation of applications from one another on a single system, thereby reducing environment dependency collisions where one application’s dependencies impact another application

  • Ability to allocate and manage systems resources such as memory, disk space, and CPU on a per-application basis within individual containers

  • Reduction in cascading application failures, where one application’s failure can cause a cascading impact on other applications

  • Better ability to restart applications by restarting the entire container, rather than a whole system reboot

  • Reduction in potential dependency collisions between applications and allows better overall interoperation

  • Updates to application containers can be done on a bit level—applying only the changes between two files—which makes it a lightweight process

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Our Unique Edge Solution

Acumera’s Reliant Platform is a hardware- and cloud-agnostic, API-capable solution that empowers multi-site businesses to manage applications, networks, and security controls at scale without adding complexity or taxing IT teams.

75% faster in-field recovery and 96x faster mean time to recover

Our Unique Edge Solution


Manage Distributed Deployment,
not Micro Development

Acumera’s Reliant Platform was built with the DevOps process at the forefront, allowing teams to detach themselves from consistent “in-the-weeds” development tasks and focus on agile deployment to hundreds or thousands of locations.

In fact, users spend approximately 75% less time managing and maintaining applications and reported 46x more code deployments — both direct measures of an organization’s ability to respond in a fast-changing business environment.

In addition to our next-generation, API-capable centralized platform, we provide implementation and consulting services around applications, payments, PCI security, IoT applications, interactive technologies, POS, mobile, and converged and cloud.


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