Gilbarco Secure Zone Router Installation Tools and Resources

Welcome to Acumera’s installation center to simplify and speed up your Gilbarco Secure Zone Router (SZR) installation. Watch short videos, download a tools checklist and review the Acumera-supported and approved managed switches.

A complete site survey is HIGHLY recommended and is a useful tool to ensure a successful installation of the Acumera SZR equipment for the Gilbarco Passport® and Passport Edge®.

Gilbarco SZR Install Image

It’s not a good use of your time to show up onsite for an SZR Installation and there’s no internet, you need an extra switch, or worse (and probably most common) you’re facing a rat’s nest of cabling and need to test which lines work.

Download our list of tools to make sure you have everything you need for a fast installation.

Watch short step-by-step installation videos to speed up your SZR installation. Our videos align with the GVR installation guide for those who prefer watching a video over reading paper instructions.

Acumera hosted a webinar for Authorized Service Contractors (ASCs) to share lessons learned from SZR installations. We’re also providing tools and information that will streamline and set your installation up for success.

Acumera Supported and Approved Managed Switches

Acumera requires the following models of Netgear Smart Managed Pro Switches to be used for SZR installations. Multiple switches can be used as needed to provide the appropriate amount of port density or in-store flexibility (based on where POS devices are installed). Installers must ensure these models of switches are being used regardless of where they are purchased.


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