Acumera Acquires Netsurion Secure Edge Networking

External Vulnerability Scanning Service

Prevention of cyberattacks and unauthorized network access

Acumera’s external vulnerability scanning provides you the details you need to quickly detect and patch vulnerabilities in your network to prevent breaches and protect sensitive data. Acumera’s service:

  • Summarizes for you any vulnerabilities on an enterprise-wide basis for precise targeting of patch cycles

  • Shows you color-coded summary views in Acumera’s AcuVigil™ dashboard to assist you with identifying and remediating vulnerabilities

  • Gives you the name, NVT OID, CVSS score, description and affected systems to help you identify and patch critical vulnerabilities right away

  • Allows you to review misconfigured firewall access control lists

  • Gives you even more protection when paired with Acumera’s internal vulnerability scanning

  • Supports you with a 24x7x365 team of experts to guide remediation efforts

External Vulnerability Scans

Comply with PCI DSS, NIST, SOC and other security framework requirements for vulnerability scans of in-scope systems

Protect your network with a PCI certified Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) that provides third-party confirmation of Acumera’s strong security

Acumera also provides complete managed network security services for businesses. Learn more about Acumera NES™ Service.

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