Acumera introduces C-Store Connections Package

New Trusted Connection Services suite facilitates PCI compliance audits, network cost reduction and live information delivery for the demanding convenience store industry

AUSTIN, Texas and NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Acumera – the leader in Trusted Connection Services for retail organizations – announced today at the NACStech conference that the company has created the new C-Store Connections Package, a unique, integrated platform designed specifically for convenience store operations and management.

Incorporating the new third generation Acumera Merchant Gateway, new PCI Tools in the AcuVigil™ Dashboard and new applications for the Machine-to-Cloud™ Integration Engine, the C-Store Connections Package delivers enhanced information connectivity, visibility and security across the extended convenience store enterprise. The C-Store Connections Package was designed specifically reduce costs, provide live data feed to assist in overall operations, and speed and simplify the process of PCI audits.

Of particular interest to convenience store leaders are new capabilities provided by AcuVigil PCI Tools, which delivers critical evidence needed to document and complete annual audits quickly. Removing stress and reducing complexity associated with the PCI audit process is one of the most significant areas of interest to convenience store leaders, according to Acumera Chief Technical Officer Brett Stewart.

“PCI compliance is about more than having a compliant network. It’s a complex, on-going process that requires time, energy and commitment. Acumera’s goal is to provide tools to speed PCI audits, enabling our customers to focus on running their businesses,” said Stewart. “Our approach to PCI compliance is unique, because it’s based on relationships and extensive interaction with major PCI Qualified Security Auditors (QSAs). From automatic generation of current network configuration diagrams to archived logs of PCI events, Acumera’s AcuVigil PCI Tools provide the critical evidence our customers and their QSAs need to complete annual audits in a efficient and timely manner.”

Stewart noted that no service provider can go it alone and assure its customers that their entire enterprise is completely secure and compliant, since significant portions of the enterprise network are not under any service provider’s control. The ultimate responsibility always lies with the owner of the environment. The value of Acumera’s processes and tools is that it enables the enterprise to efficiently provide the information, evidence and support needed to keep on top of security and compliance issues.

“Business and security threats are real and increasing. Attackers on the enterprise are skillful, and getting more so with each passing day. Likewise, the environment is constantly changing. Employing a technical and compliance methodology that is equally dynamic is essential to being vigilant in both the security and overall operations arena,” added Stewart.

In addition to assisting with PCI compliance, the C-Store Connections Package is designed with a variety of industry interests in mind:

  • Visibility: Seamless integration of a broad array of smart devices – from remote electronic pricing displays and fuel tank gauges to walk-in coolers, drink machines and point-of-sale terminals – into overall information architectures for better operations.
  • Connectivity: Collaboration with major convenience store equipment manufacturers to maximize availability of device-generated data and to more effectively deliver information to people or processes to enhance business decisions.
  • Security: Remote security and segmentation policy creation and management, and remote device provisioning and management of network clients and devices.

Specific features of Acumera’s C-Store Connections Program include:

  • Broadband Management – pre-qualification, installation, aggregated billing and quality management
  • New Merchant Gateway – third generation with more processing horsepower and memory to support new Machine-to-Cloud™ Integration Engine apps and integrated temperature monitoring
  • Secure Network Development and Implementation – security policy development and establishment, firewall configuration and security enforcement
  • AcuVigil™ Dashboard features – Cloud-Network management, aggregated status and alerts and customer-facing Help-desk ticketing system
  • Machine-to-Cloud™ Integration Engine – live fuel inventory, fuel tank water alarms, third-party tool integration, temperature monitoring and logging
  • Virtual Private Network Management – establishment, maintenance and automatic repair of IPsec VPN tunnels
  • Aggregated Network Management – remote provisioning and configuration of network clients, client inventory and automated policy updates
  • Network Operations Center Support – 24/7 outage detection, spares maintenance and new installations/projects
  • New PCI Tools – logging of PCI events, dynamically generated site network diagrams, internal vulnerability scans and logging, external third-party vulnerability scans, scan history report archiving and failure notifications

The C-Store Connections Package is being introduced at this year’s NACStech, an event used by top retail and supplier IT leaders to exchange ideas designed to improve convenience retailing through applied technology. Acumera clients and leaders are participating in the conference’s CIO Roundtable. NACStech is being held at The Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville May 21-23, 2012.

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