Acumera announces PCI audit support to streamline PCI compliance audits

Acumera shares ROC with Acumera customers’ QSAs for faster audits, fewer headaches

AUSTIN, Texas – Acumera – the leader in Trusted Connection Services for convenience stores – today announced the launch of PCI Audit Support to accelerate Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance audits as part of Acumera’s PCI Tools solution.

Designed to support ongoing customer security and compliance, Acumera’s PCI Tools include automated external vulnerability scans with historical archiving, logging of PCI-related events, dynamically generated site network diagrams and clear identification of non-PCI payment application devices in the cardholder data environment. In addition, Acumera has completed its own PCI DSS compliance assessment and obtained an annual report on compliance (ROC), becoming a fully compliant service provider.

Coalfire, a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) firm, successfully completed the testing and controls validation of Acumera as a network and security service provider. The validation also included testing of controls deployed for merchant implementation. As a result, Acumera’s customers can confidently include the Acumera’s controls within their own compliance management efforts without further testing and validation, saving them time and money.

“The necessarily complex nature of PCI standards results in a similarly complex compliance model,” said Rick Link, Coalfire’s Southwest Regional Managing Director. “We applaud Acumera’s approach to compliance management and consider them to be a leader among PCI DSS service providers.”

According to Acumera’s Chief Technology Officer Brett Stewart, providing Acumera’s Attestation of Compliance (AOC) to customers and making the Acumera ROC available to their Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) will enable customers to quickly demonstrate compliance in key areas of the assessment, and thus significantly reduce the time and energy required by the audit process.

“One of Acumera’s primary goals is to reduce the headaches our customers experience in maintaining their PCI DSS compliance, which is why we went through the process for the perimeter security services we provide,” said Stewart. “Armed with our PCI documentation, Acumera customers’ QSAs will be able to accept Acumera’s compliance in several certain specific areas. While no third-party solution can ensure 100 percent compliance, we believe our approach sets a new, more effective and efficient roadmap to achieving PCI DSS compliance.”

Alon Brands Retail, which operates nearly 300 convenience stores in Texas and New Mexico, was one of the first customers to evaluate Acumera’s PCI Audit Support.

“Acumera has been a reliable and trustworthy partner of ALON for several years,” said Amir Wurzel, vice president and chief information officer of Alon Brands. “With the unique combination of Acumera’s helpful PCI Tools and the recent service provider ROC, which clearly defines the scope of the services, we expect to reduce our annual PCI audit costs and, most importantly, to reinforce our data security controls.”

Acumera provides PCI Audit Support to Acumera PCI Tools customers at no additional charge. Acumera is showcasing its full product suite at the SIGMA Executive Leadership Conference in Telluride, Colo., January 27-30.

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