Acumera Acquires Netsurion Secure Edge Networking

AutoVPN Service

Securely connect remote locations and headquarters

Acumera’s site-to-site AutoVPN service provides a secure, reliable VPN tunnel between your corporate office and distributed locations. A single configuration is maintained and serves each site the appropriate settings.

With our AutoVPN service, you get:

  • Automatic creation of complex site-to-site VPNs for a large number of store endpoints initiating connections to Acumera Edge Security Devices that act as dedicated responders

  • Global configuration to eliminate manual site-by-site setup and reduce the time to identify a connection issue

  • Secure site configuration management and monitoring through a single screen in the AcuVigil dashboard

  • Connections that automatically build and rebuild to maximize uptime

  • Reliable, secure connection at both ends of the tunnel to protect sensitive data

Auto VPN image

Reduce the time to identify a connection issue and the possibility of human error

Monitor and maintain all locations centrally through the AcuVigil dashboard

Add external vulnerability scanning

Get even greater protection for your network with Acumera’s external vulnerability scanning service.