Acumera Acquires Netsurion Secure Edge Networking

Acumera Verifone Commander POS Backup Service

POS daily backups with file retention and download

The Verifone Commander POS backup service, managed through the AcuVigil™ dashboard, backs up the Verifone Commander POS configuration files to a cloud-based storage location.

The service provides you:

  • Daily backup of POS configuration files

  • Backup retention for 180 days with the most current file stored indefinitely

  • Notification of configuration file changes

  • Downloadable backup configuration files

  • Accessibility by in-house and third-party service company VASCs through the AcuVigil dashboard

  • Compliance with Verifone SMS Import Export utility standards to successfully get the POS back online

  • Ability for junior technicians to perform an onsite Commander reload while senior techs restore the data remotely (when combined with AcuLink™ Services)

Acumera Verifone Commander POS Backup Service

Easily identify and correct misconfiguration

Prevent configuration drift

Reduce store downtime by 3 to 5 hours during a Verifone Commander reload

Protect sales and brand reputation

Always have an up-to-date POS backup

Verifone and Verifone Commander are registered trademarks of Verifone, Inc.

Get secure, compliant remote access

Acumera’s AcuLink™ remote access service provides PCI compliant remote connection to devices like ATGs, DVRs, and more sensitive endpoints, like the point-of-sale (POS).