Acumera Acquires Netsurion Secure Edge Networking

Acumera Verifone Commander Events Service

Remote, secure viewing of one-time passwords in AcuVigil™

Ever waited on hold for a store manager to get you a Verifone Commander one-time password (OTP)? What if you could securely retrieve that yourself? With Acumera’s Commander Events workload, you will be able to remotely and securely view the Commander OTP within the PCI compliant AcuVigil™ dashboard.

With the Verifone Commander Events service, you can:

  • Generate a one-time password (OTP) on the Commander, and it will automatically populate in the AcuVigil dashboard

  • View the Commander OTP remotely and securely in a compliant manner

  • Enjoy greater efficiencies and minimize site-level disruptions to better manage your business

  • Access OTPs for both manned and unmanned locations

Verifone Commander Events Image

Quickly view one-time passwords in AcuVigil

Use at a variety of locations

Minimize disruptions at your stores

Operate more efficiently

Verifone and Verifone Commander are registered trademarks of Verifone, Inc.

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