Acumera Acquires Netsurion Secure Edge Networking

Acumera Edge Security Device

Advanced Firewall • Application Platform • Cloud Managed

The Acumera edge security device is an onsite networking and security appliance that is both an advanced firewall and an application platform. It is capable of hosting a vast library of edge computing workloads (also known as apps) that integrate devices, business applications, connections, and security and PCI tools into your network.

Our edge security appliance delivers perimeter security, network visibility, tracking, app management, policy enforcement, user controls, and network intelligence down to the store, device, and connection level.


  • Advanced firewall security combined with routing and switching in a single, high-performance, cost-effective network device

  • Cloud-based dashboard with role-based access control to manage
    network segmentation, problem tracking, vendor integrations and
    geographic dispatch support

  • Deployed at locations ranging from a single kiosk application all the way up to big-box retail applications with thousands of endpoint devices

  • Rugged design that’s dust-proof and drip-proof and survives the most challenging environments

Acumera Edge Security Device

Segment your network from the cardholder data environment (CDE)

Increase connectivity and uptime

Gain network visibility to enhance store operations

Control network access authorization for specific devices

Get valuable network and device insights

Power remote updates, diagnostics and trouble resolution

Upgrade to managed network security services

Get a comprehensive managed network security solution to safeguard sensitive data, maximize uptime, simplify compliance and protect your business.