Services for C-Stores

Solve your network security needs by leveraging profitable data and network intelligence. Acumera offers a comprehensive solution to fully secure networks and POS systems while also providing remote visibility, proactive 24x7x365 support, and cloud-based apps for monitoring, analytics and better systems uptime and profitability.

“Acumera gives us consistent attention to connectivity, security, and visibility in all aspects of retail technology.”
Patrick Abernathy, Director of IT

Acumera’s C-Store Services

Integrated Edge

Innovate with the foremost edge computing platform

24/7/365 Expertise

Get started with ease and maintain continuous uptime

Network Management and Visibility with the AcuVigil™ Dashboard

  • Monitoring of every location, every device, and every connection
  • 24x7x365 proactive network support
  • ATG app to manage fuel ordering and inventory
  • Cloud-based app catalog for analytics and to support IoT devices, loyalty programs, business management software, and more

PCI Compliance

  • Level 1 PCI certified service provider and attestation of compliance
  • Listed on both the Visa and Mastercard PCI compliant service provider registries
  • PCI compliant payment gateway and processing
  • Dynamically generated network diagrams
  • Policy building and management

Managed Security

  • Managed firewall service
  • Segmentation design and implementation
  • Internal and external vulnerability scanning
  • Logging and storage of network traffic data
  • Intrusion detection, monitoring, and response
  • Web content filtering for spam and malware control

Connectivity and Uptime

  • Secure POS and payment gateway connectivity
  • AcuLink™ Remote Access Service for secure, PCI compliant connection to POS, ATG, DVR and other devices
  • AcuLink Gilbarco Remote Passport Access Service or Verifone Remote Commander Access Service
  • Centrally managed AutoVPN
  • WAN failover that is carrier agnostic
  • Cellular WAN failover service available


Security, Proactive Support, Apps, and Visibility in One Solution

At the heart of Acumera’s solution is our Merchant Gateway

As an advanced firewall and application platform, our AcuVigil Dashboard adds unmatched visibility and provides a range of apps for management, monitoring and analytics. On top of that, we provide 24x7x365 proactive support and can identify and respond to problems before they are even discovered at the local store level.

Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP)
Certified MNSP for secure remote access to Gilbarco and Verifone help desks and network preparation for outdoor EMV
AcuLink™ Remote Access Service
Secure, PCI compliant, remote access to POS, ATG, DVR and other inherently insecure devices through the AcuVigil™ Dashboard
Payment Systems Firewall
Segmentation and protection of your payment card environment from the rest of your network
Perimeter Firewall
Protection of your entire network with the Merchant Gateway and visibility to monitor and troubleshoot all connected IoT devices and applications
PCI Toolkit
PCI tools offered by a PCI Level 1 service provider to simplify your compliance efforts
AcuVigil™ Dashboard
Network visibility and management dashboard that gives you a single view into every store for monitoring and troubleshooting
24x7x365 Proactive Network Support
A network operations center (NOC) that monitors your networks around the clock and provides network troubleshooting and problem resolution
WAN Failover Enabled
Automatic backup network connectivity to prevent payment processing disruptions when your primary internet goes down; modem and data plan not included
Secure Network Segmentation
Cloud-based app for managing network segmentation that is accessible through the AcuVigil dashboard
Network Traffic Analysis
Global threat monitoring and analysis for a fixed number of logs per day (unlimited network trac monitoring and IDS upgrade available)
App Catalog of Additional Services
An extensive catalog of cloud-based apps for mobile payments, loyalty, IoT devices, analytics and more
ATG Tank Monitoring App
ATG data connections to the AcuVigil dashboard and your telematics provider
VPN Connection Setup
Secure connection of headquarters to distributed locations for access to critical business information (AutoVPN service not included)
Optional Cellular WAN Failover Service
Modem, cellular data plan and flexible carrier options
Merchant Gateway & smart switch sold separately

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