Acumera Acquires Netsurion Secure Edge Networking

Secure Edge Networking for Branch Offices

Software-defined branch networks for highly distributed businesses​.

Software-defined branch networks for highly distributed businesses​​.

Netsurion’s Secure Network Edge is now part of Acumera.

Highly distributed businesses, regardless if they accept card payments, require reliable and secure networks that are always-on and actively protected against breaches, ransomware, and other emerging cybersecurity threats. The constant need to optimize IT spend requires streamlining network operations and compliance management. Consolidating hardware and vendors is the logical strategy to succeed, where overpaying for technology and under-utilizing it is a waste of resources that could be best used to innovate and grow the business.​

Why Acumera?

BranchSDO is the best-fit platform and service for highly distributed business with hundreds to thousands of small branch office locations. Our proprietary all-in-one platform and service delivers enterprise-grade performance and protection at a fraction of the typical cost of bolted-on solutions.

Connect and Protect All of Your Branch Offices

People Make it Go

Technology alone isn’t the answer.​

Our NOC ensures our purpose-built secure edge networking platform is configured to your needs, and we actively monitor and respond to threats to your network.​​​

More Info and Pricing

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