Valero selects Acumera as managed network provider for secure payments

Acumera’s Processor Connections Service gives Valero distributors and dealers secure, compliant payments network with bundled PCI Tools and ASV scans

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Acumera – the leading provider of Trusted Connections Services for convenience stores – today announced the launch of its Processor Connections Service for Valero distributors and dealers. The unique new offering provides a secure connection, remote visibility, backup connectivity for processing payments, and tools to support Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

As a part of the service, Valero distributors and dealers gain access to Acumera’s PCI Tools and External Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Vulnerability Scans at no additional charge. Acumera’s Chief Security Officer Tabitha Greiner says external scans play a significant role in risk reduction for stores.

“Scanning for external vulnerabilities is a critical step in identifying data security threats and preventing breaches,” said Greiner. “By providing these scans as a part of the base package for Valero’s customers, we’re changing the game for a large number of stores that don’t currently have an external scanning resource or are paying a premium for it.”

According to Dirk Heinen, Acumera’s CEO, the company is working with a number of payment processors to develop applications and connectivity solutions that are more secure and affordable than the alternatives available today.

“The convenience store business revolves around the ability to securely and efficiently process customer payments, which is why we are excited to support Valero and committed to providing the most reliable and secure processing options for their customers,” said Heinen. “We’ve worked closely with Valero to create a cost-effective solution that will help its customers address PCI compliance and, more importantly, enhance security.”

The Processor Connections Service includes Acumera’s Merchant Gateway perimeter security device, the Dual WAN Failover App, which provides high-availability backup connectivity, and a proprietary Valero Processor Connections App that acts as a secure payment gateway, encrypting data from the store and sending it to the payment processor.

For more information, stop by Acumera booth #1607 at the Western Petroleum Markers Association (WPMA) Expo Feb. 16-18 in Las Vegas, or visit

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