Acumera Introduces Fuel Connections Service for Marketers and Jobbers

Offering provides fuel inventory management and monitoring connectivity to retailers, fuel dealers, and wholesale suppliers

DALLAS, Texas – Acumera – the leader in Trusted Connection Services for retail organizations – today announced the release of Fuel Connections Service, a remote connections and monitoring service to improve fuel inventory and compliance management for fuel marketers and wholesale distributors.

Acumera’s Fuel Connections Service is now being offered as a freestanding solution for fuel marketers to remotely monitor and receive alerts about fuel inventory at company-owned and at customer sites via the AcuVigil™ Dashboard. Marketers can also securely pull fuel inventory and alert data into proprietary in-house and third-party fuel management systems.

“In today’s volatile fuel market, it’s important to get accurate, up-to-the-minute data and provide secure visibility to appropriate parties across the supply chain,” said Acumera Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tom Yemington. “Acumera provides the means of reliably connecting fuel monitoring devices to business intelligence systems so decision makers can use the data to drive profitability and efficiency.”

The Fuel Connections Service is also being offered to Acumera’s current convenience store customers who are using Acumera’s PCI-compliant C-Store Connections package and want to connect their fuel monitoring system to the AcuVigil Dashboard. As a part of this service, marketers and retailers can receive text and email alerts to enhance store operations and monitor issues, such as outages, water in the fuel or low fuel inventory levels.

The Fuel Connections Service connects serial or Ethernet automatic tank gauges (ATGs) directly to an Acumera Merchant Gateway. For marketers not already connected to Acumera’s network, three low-cost WAN options are available:

  • Managed Broadband: Acumera researches, provisions, and manages the installation of the optimal broadband for a given location and passes through carrier charges at cost for billing transparency.
  • Bring Your Own Broadband: Marketers can supply their own broadband connectivity at the site.
  • Managed Cellular Broadband: Marketers can leverage Acumera’s managed cellular services and data pooling capability to connect fuel monitoring equipment to the cellular network, independent of the site owner/operator network.

Designed with convenience store operators and fuel marketers in mind, Acumera’s Fuel Connections Service provides reliable access to ATG fuel levels, environmental data, and water alarms via the AcuVigil Dashboard and via third-party fuel management systems and services, such as TelaPoint.

The Fuel Connections Service is being introduced at The Tech Event, a NACS conference bringing top retail and supplier IT leaders together to exchange ideas and introduce new products and services. Acumera will be exhibiting at Booth 305 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, May 6-10, 2013.

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