You Have Completed Enrollment in Acumera’s Managed Network Security Services

Thank you for your order of Acumera’s managed network security services. You will shortly be receiving a confirmation email for your records that includes the items and services ordered. Please reach out to your Sales Representative at any time should you have questions or comments.

What happens next?

  • You will be receiving a phone call from one of our Installation Coordinators within 7 business days. They will work with you to schedule an appointment for the installation of the Acumera equipment. Typical installation appointments are no longer than two hours.
  • During the phone call with our Installation Coordinator, your payment information will be required. This is provided over the phone for security purposes, so you do not need to provide that on a website or email.
  • Your equipment will be shipped in time for the appointment and at the scheduled time we’ll work with you to easily install the unit and begin your services!