All-in-One Secure Edge Networking Capabilities

Our plug-and-play edge device connects to our service gateway while your team and our NOC access the cloud orchestrator. At any time, additional network and security controls can be enabled and consumed as a service.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

A team of experts monitoring your network and delivering both security and agility

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Secure SD-WAN

Greater command and control of all your branch locations’ networks with embedded cybersecurity.​

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Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Continuously monitored firewall protection with multiple layers of defense.

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Cellular Failover

Ensure business continuity and resilience with built-in automatic failover, multiple carrier options, and data pooling.

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Network Segementation

Custom network architecture, proper segmentation, and VPN to protect mission-critical network traffic.

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PCI DSS Compliance

Simplify compliance management with a full suite of tools, scanning, templates, and expert support.​

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Wi-fi Management

Extend network connectivity at all business locations easily and securely with integrated Wi-Fi and access point meshing.

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Real-time Network Management System and Monitoring Too

The AcuVigil platform is a cloud-based web portal for comprehensive network monitoring and management

Convenience Store Technology for Network Security Management

With Acumera, you get:

Verifone Remote Commander Access Service

Automatic disconnect protects your Verifone Commander and keeps your remote sessions PCI DSS compliant

Gilbarco Remote Passport Access Service

Simple one-click activation and deactivation of remote sessions from your Gilbarco Passport

Artisoft Remote Prisma Access Service

Secure and PCI compliant connections between the Artisoft Prisma POS and the Artisoft technical support center

AcuLink Granbury Remote Thrive Access Service

Securely and remotely access the Granbury Thrive POS system

Our Unique Edge Solution

Acumera’s Reliant Platform is a hardware- and cloud-agnostic, API-capable solution that empowers multi-site businesses to manage applications, networks, and security controls at scale without adding complexity or taxing IT teams.

75% faster in-field recovery and 96x faster mean time to

Our Unique Edge Solution