Six Simple Rules for Safe Credit Card Handling

Credit card data breaches have unfortunately become common occurrences for many restaurant, retail, and other businesses that accept credit card or digital payments. So much so, that breaches hardly make the news these days, which might lead some to believe the danger has been reduced.

Choosing a PCI compliant, Level 1 service provider

Organizations can improve their compliance status and reduce the internal burden of compliance by carefully choosing PCI compliant service providers. Selecting the right provider for your company requires careful attention to detail since there is a wide variety of service providers and levels of services they offer. This guide is intended to assist you in that evaluation process.

Choosing a QSA company for third-party audits

Organizations that require an annual PCI compliance audit have many options when it comes to choosing a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company. While the PCI Security Standards Council validates each QSA company’s adherence to the PCI DSS, there are still differences between QSA companies, their approaches to the audit process, and the resources they can provide.