Acumera Insider – February 2022: MG pre-activations, tips and recent threats

Acumera Insider February 2022 MG pre activations ips and recent threats

Acumera TORCH corporate membership

Acumera is proud to announce we are a corporate member of Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals (TORCH). TORCH provides advocacy, develops specialized programs, and supports local access and delivery of healthcare services. Acumera provides TORCH members with our full range of security services, including internal and external vulnerability scans.

TORCH Corporate Member


ValeroPay+ Connection Service

Acumera has released the ValeroPay+ Connection Service! This workload enables secure payment transactions between your point of sale (POS) and the ValeroPay+ authorization servers. It’s available immediately for all Valero-branded sites.

Pre-activations by AcuVigil™ admins

AcuVigil users with the ‘Admin’ security role can now activate the MG™ Edge Security Device using the AcuVigil dashboard. Previously, this was limited to our NOC staff and those with the AcuVigil ‘Installer’ security role, but this new permission will allow admins to pre-activate MGs before your techs head to the sites. This can help you potentially configure the entire site network in advance.

As a friendly reminder, the newly released Acumera Tech™ app will also allow anyone with the AcuVigil role of ‘Admin’ or ‘Installer’ to activate MG Edge Security Devices. Find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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AcuVigil™ dashboard tip of the month

Did you know that AcuVigil has a catalog that includes all of our edge computing workloads? You can explore the wide variety of vendors and services that Acumera supports, ranging from network management, security, and monitoring all the way to point of sale, retail, loyalty, fuel and compliance.

AcuVigil Catalog


DHL phishing emails

In an interesting turn of events, DHL-branded emails have dethroned Microsoft as the most-used brand lure for phishing emails, even displacing giants such as Microsoft and Google. Bleeping Computer’s article recommends, “the best way to deal with incoming emails that make bold claims and request immediate action is to be cautious and avoid jumping into immediate action.”

Ransomware sophistication

KnowBe4 published a great article about the evolution of malware, which contains some pretty startling predictions about ransomware sophistication. According to the analysis, “ransomware gangs are beginning to evolve into multi-faceted, do anything attack gangs.”

Cyberthreat Defense Report

CyberEdge Group released its annual Cyberthreat Defense Report. Even if you don’t sign up, there is a great infographic that’s available to everyone. One of the concerning stats is that “86% of organizations suffered from a successful cyberattack last year.”

To extend Acumera’s network protection to your corporate office, contact us at or 512.687.7410 about Enhanced Security Services Enterprise (ESS Enterprise).

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