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Acumera’s Reliant Platform for Edge Computing

Driving your Edge + Cloud Strategy

A comprehensive edge platform solution enabling faster implementation and continuous operations for multi-site businesses

Acumera’s Reliant Platform has dramatically accelerated and simplified our ability to deploy new technology at scale across our restaurants while providing a hardware, cloud and 3rd party vendor agnostic & resilient architecture. It sets the foundation for our innovation platform.”

Vadim Parizher
VP of Technology
Taco Bell

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Acumera's Reliant Platform

Why implement Edge Computing?

Digital transformation is driving massive change in the way multi-site businesses operate. The evolution of technology with IoT and Edge are enabling the creation and delivery of entirely new, engaging and immersive customer experiences. Often, this level of innovation requires deployment of data-intensive workloads that can’t run in the cloud without significant latency that disrupts business operations.

Edge computing reduces latency and the time it takes to process data “in the cloud” by running a component of application delivery on local devices, bringing processing power to compute, store, and deliver associated services closer to the end-user, where it is most needed.

Advantages of an Edge + Cloud Strategy

Edge computing software complements, rather than competing with, cloud-based infrastructures. Edge computing enables brick-and-mortar sites to run business-critical workloads locally while delivering the agility, reliability, and scalability of the cloud without the limitations of unpredictable bandwidth, lost connections to the network, or delays caused by remote processing. Cloud computing plays an important role hosting enterprise back end applications and connecting a multi-site enterprise together. It’s also in the cloud where edge computing can be centrally managed, monitored, and maintained.

Ultimately, multi-site businesses benefit from implementing a technology stack that integrates both Edge Computing and Cloud Computing to increase speed of innovation while maintaining continuity, reliability, and security in day-to-day business operations.

Our Edge Solution

Acumera’s Reliant Platform is a hardware- and cloud-agnostic, API-capable solution that empowers multi-site businesses to manage applications, networks, and security controls at scale without adding complexity or taxing IT teams.

  • 75% faster in-field recovery
  • 96x faster mean time to recover

Acumera’s cloud-based management software enables simple, remote administration of edge node configuration, adjacent IoT devices, and applications hosted on the edge platform. This ensures a smooth transition from a monolithic design approach to an agile development methodology as time, resources, and expertise allow.

Benefits of Acumera’s Reliant Platform

Maintain Continuous Operations Across a Distributed Network

  • Ensure your applications are “always on” with fault-tolerant capabilities built into the platform for 100% uptime to maintain customer satisfaction and uninterrupted sales.

Enable Faster Implementation

  • Respond to changing demand quickly and efficiently by spending less time managing and maintaining applications and complex code deployments.

Lower Costs with a Hardware and Cloud-Agnostic Solution

  • Reduce overall IT investment and lower TCO by making it simple to deploy, upgrade, and centrally manage services, no matter what hardware or software is required.

Manage Deployments Securely and at Scale

  • Ensure networking and technical security control capabilities are in place to securely operate edge computing at scale.


Eliminate dependency collisions and resource limitations through lightweight microservice application delivery.


Increase agility by allowing the deployment of multiple environments, including different operating systems, on a single physical piece of hardware.


Seamlessly run and manage application and service containers with a bi-directional command/control pathway.

Features of Acumera’s Reliant Platform

Through whole-OS virtualization, container-based microservice orchestration, and an integrated DevOps infrastructure, Acumera’s Reliant Platform simplifies the delivery and management of new services while providing the security and network and computing infrastructure required to enable:

  • In-store IoT, such as cameras and sensors, security scanners, RFID readers
  • Interoperability with user devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables
  • Digital content such as interactive displays, in-store web content, digital walls, and signage
  • AR/VR experiences such as virtual fitting rooms, 3D menu selection, and voice-activated ordering
  • AI/ML integrations such as predictive analytics, scan-and-go and WiWo technology
  • Omnichannel payment options with POS virtualization, mPOS, contactless, and BOPIS/ROPIS
  • Networking and security controls

Manage Distributed Deployment, not Micro Development

Acumera’s Reliant Platform was built with the DevOps process at the forefront, allowing teams to detach themselves from consistent “in-the-weeds” development tasks and focus on agile deployment to hundreds or thousands of locations. In fact, users spend approximately 75% less time managing and maintaining applications and reported 46x more code deployments — both direct measures of an organization’s ability to respond in a fast-changing business environment.

In addition to our next-generation, API-capable centralized platform, we provide implementation and consulting services around applications, payments, PCI security, IoT applications, interactive technologies, POS, mobile, and converged and cloud.


Virtual machines and containers deployed


Data configuration elements under management and orchestration