Convenience Store Connection Package Specials

Shields, Harper & Co have partnered with Acumera during WPMA to bring together a managed network security special for you. For a limited time we are including Acumera’s AcuLink Remote Access and Verifone Commander POS Backup and Event Services at no additional charge when you signup for the Convenience Store Connection package ($79.99/month). That’s over $30 in savings EVERY MONTH!

C-Store Connections


  • 24x7x365 US-based network operations center
  • AcuVigil management dashboard access for an unlimited number of customer users
  • Network segmentation, security management, and log monitoring for up to 50,000 network traffic logs per site per day
  • SmartSwitch workload to manage and visualize network segmentation
  • AutoVPN service to securely connect to headquarters (requires AutoVPN service at headquarters)
  • Automated Tank Gauge workload enables ATG data connections to customer and selected third-party fuel telematics providers
  • One Processor Connection workload
  • AcuLink Verifone Remote Commander Access Service for secure access from the Verifone helpdesk

AcuLink Remote Access Service

Remotely manage your site as if you were on premise, change gas prices, and run reports from anywhere with an internet connection!



  • Creates fast, simple and PCI compliant connections between AcuVigil users and devices at a site, and meets PCI DSS requirements in sections 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, ensuring that logged, secured user remote access is ephemeral and automatically disconnected after a period of inactivity

Verifone Commander POS Backup Service

Back up your SKUs and pricing for up to 6 months with a daily backup allowing faster resolution in the event your POS goes down.



  • Backs up the Verifone Commander POS configuration files on a daily basis to a cloud-based storage location
  • Supports 180-day backup retention, configuration file change notification, and configuration file download (individual or all)

Verifone Commander POS Event Service

Provides the ability to remotely connect to your site(s) without having to call to retrieve credentials. Automatically sends these credentials to you, allowing faster access for your business needs.



  • Displays the Verifone Commander POS one-time password in AcuVigil for remote retrieval

Be sure to take advantage of this discounted offer before it expires on May 26, 2023.

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